Sea-Band Review and Competition

I was quite excited to review a pair for my eldest; he has started getting travelsick on the way to his weekly swimming lessons. It would not be so bad but time is limited, so stopping for him to have fresh air or to get rid of some vomit on the way often means we are running late and bless him he probably arrives in the pool a bit shell shocked from the rush.


So on Wednesday we tried him wearing his new and dandy blue Sea-Band wrist bands. His brother already sports the army variety, so this way they have their own unique look. He travelled fine there and back without any complaint of sickness. I am really pleased, no stopping, no panic just a pleasant car journey, arriving for his swimming lesson in plenty of time. He says they look cool and he will not get sick now. Not sure if its his new positive mental attitude or the power of pressure. But either way it got the desired result for everyone, so we are very happy!



Sea-Bands retail at £8.15 and are suitable for children 3+. I think this price is cheap considering how much travel sickness medicine costs. These will pay for themselves quite quickly and also being drug free, means your not having to give your children medicine unnecessarily, which pleases me no end. Plus they are so simple to use even I cannot get muddled up, just ensure that pressure is applied to the acupressure point on each wrist.



I bet these would also be prefect for morning sickness too. I wish I had the pair they kindly sent me back when I was pregnant with my two, I suffered quite badly with morning sickness both times and had to be very careful about what I ate to limit the sickness, a set of these wrist bands might have put me out of my misery and saved me from chain eating ginger biscuits…


I do not travel too badly in a car lately, so have yet to give mine a proper airing but I would love to use them on my next boat journey as I still get exceptionally motion sick from travel by sea. Many a holiday abroad has been spoiled by me hanging off the side of the boat giving the ocean the contents of my breakfast, lunch or dinner!


You can find out more about Sea-Band on their website including making online purchases. Alternatively Sea Band are also available at your local chemist, that’s where I bought the set my youngest owns.


I have kindly been sent two sets (comprising of a child’s and an adults pack of wristbands each) to giveaway.

To enter please complete rafflecopter, this competition will close on the 10th of March.

21 thoughts on “Sea-Band Review and Competition

  1. Am entering for my 10 year old daughter, who has just succeeeded in getting into a school a little further from home, but for who I am worried the journey on the bus could be problematic…

  2. I found these fantastic when I was pregnant to help with morning sickness.  Would be great to have some for holidays :o)

  3. my husband used something like these ages ago, and found them very successful. Thanks for the opportunity to win some

  4. Would love to know about this product earlier as I have morning sickness through out my 9 month pregnancies and a month after delivery. However I can still use it for my future pregnancies 🙂

  5. we are driving to scotland for a holiday soon with 2 kids its a 3 hour journey and im sure these will help

  6. I would love to try these i have suffered from travel sickness since i was a child i am still unable to go far on a coach or car. 

  7. glad you found something that works well for your little boy, i'd love to win so i could try them for myself 

  8. Fab product, when I was little and suffered from travel sickness I had to take these vile tasting tablets, I'm sure they made me worse than the actual car journey!

  9. fantastic prize – both my sister and I are pregnant at the moment, meaning this product is a necessity!! 🙂

  10. My mum was given these by a nurse when in hospital after feeling really sick after a huge op, they worked better than any anti-sickness medication given, so they're a brilliant invention. Would certainlt like to win this prize

  11. Heard about these from a friend, and definitely getting some for my niece who is awful for travel sickness on any journey over about a mile.  We are usually armed with a bowl and windows wide open.

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