Syner-Med Non Contact Thermometer Review

I was sent a Syner-Med VeraTemp Non Contact Thermometer to review; I was very keen to try it out as I think it is a fantastic idea. I have always been a fan of checking my children’s temperatures anyway; I think it is vital in small children as the risk of fitting from high and out of control temperatures is a huge and very real worry.


My dad says what’s wrong with the old method of just hand on forehead! Well I think that is prehistoric, when you have innovative and affordable technology in your grasp I think it’s important to embrace it!


Eldest was sent home from school once, as he felt hot… Using my dad’s technique I might have been tempted to give him medicine to lower it, but using a thermometer I soon discovered his temperature was fine. He was hot from coughing not a fever like the school had thought. Always best to avoid having to give children medicine unnecessarily.


Then it comes to the question of what thermometer to buy; well I have started to get royally fed up with the cost of all the probe covers for our current thermometer you place in your ear. Hubbie with his infinite wisdom decided at one point to try and save money and not use the covers; he ended up with a severe ear infection and popped eardrums!!! So something I would definitely not recommend doing if times are hard… just invest in a Syner-Med thermometer in the first place and save so much more money in the long run. Shares in Amazon might plummet now I won’t be placing any repeat orders for more probe covers, but my bank balance will be a lot happier!


I especially love that it is non contact, when your children are unwell sleep is so important to recuperate so its nice to be able to hold this away from them rather than have to stick it under their tongue or in their ear and potentially wake them up when you don’t need to.


The thermometer only costs £36.95, which is something of a bargain, considering you can use it for testing babies bottle, food, bath water and room temperature on top of body temperature. Hubbie is going round holding it 5cm away from anything giving it a click and proudly reporting back on its temperature. I think the novelty is not going to run out anytime soon!


Hubbie checking the children’s porridge is a suitable temperature.

We also compared readings with our trusty old thermometer and they matched up nicely, which was very reassuring. I would have no hesitation recommending this to all my mummy friends and family.


You can find out more on their website including ordering online.

If you would like to win one and am sure you will please fill in the rafflecopter and get your entries in by midnight on the 1st of March.

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