Toddler Tantrums

They come out of nowhere like stealthed ninja’s. They creep on you when you’re least expecting and throw you off balance. When everything is looking on target and great the screaming, shouting, tears, arm flaying, feet stomping, floor wrestling commences in full force.

My favourite tantrums from youngest were when he wanted me to get rid of his shadow, it was offending him, he did not want one anymore, no sense or reasoning would stop this. He eventually calmed down on his own in a corner, where he could not see his shadow… thankfully he seems to have learnt to live with it again. As that’s one thing mummy cannot really rectify for him.

My other favourite was again one that mummy could do little about. He woke up hysterical looking bewildered roaring for his giant bunny. He has no giant bunny; it later transpired he had dreamt he was holding hands walking around with a giant bunny, which upon waking he then really missed his new friend. Once more not much I could do apart from reassure him they might meet in dreamland again one day.

How do you handle tantrums? My usual tactic is to grin and bear it, ignore the stares, wait for the boys to slowly calm and just eat more chocolate in the evening to settle my frayed nerves.

5 thoughts on “Toddler Tantrums

  1. Giant bunny, brilliant!

    I found myself in the supermarket on Monday saying to Nathaniel "have you finished your tantrum?" (yes) "would you like to get up off the floor now then?" (no)

    I've gone for the complete ignore method, I only move him if he's somewhere unsafe and as soon as I get him somewhere safe I put him back down.

  2. I'm awful.  I usually just leave my daughter to sort herself out.  I do try and ask her what she is sad about and see if I can help her but more often than not it's safer to just let her be!

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