Turning 3

Youngest is three today, my loveable rogue, I have a feeling three is not the magic number for instant toddler taming, but some obvious benefits! For one no more tantrums that he cannot have the chewable vitamin his brother has (every morning for about a year that has caused a meltdown!). He can also join water confidence swimming classes and gym club, which will help develop his skills and poise.
Today we are having a lovely party to celebrate, I think it has nearly bankrupted us but it’s nice to splurge on them sometimes. We have hired a balloon modeller/magician to entertain the guests. My brother has lovingly crafted a Lion birthday cake for him, with much bribing, just hope it looks lion like, but given he is a chef by trade I hope so…
Youngest is much like me in the morning, very slow to get moving, so we do not have a picture of him all beaming smiles. He looks a bit bemused and ruffled. Eldest was all like “wow its your birthday, whoop whoop, YAY!” as he is much more with it in the morning. Also you can see we utilised the left over Christmas wrapping paper, well we did need to make a saving somewhere but received no complaints.

Youngest loved all his presents. The hex bugs have been keeping one of the cats thoroughly amused, which is perfect to give Brownie the hamster some peace and quiet. So would recommend hex bugs for keeping cats out of mischief as well as being a great toy for children. We did cheat and wrapped two fantastic toys we received from Fisher Price to review so he looked like he had more presents. Naughty mummy haha.

Hubbie baked up a storm last night, have heaps of fairy cakes decorated with chocolate and vanilla butter icing, oodles of sprinkles and big chunks of rocky road bars for the adults who are all HUGE fans. We also have jelly setting in the fridge in party cups ready to furnish with squirty cream and yet more sprinkles when we get there. Party bags are filled and looking impressive, jungle themed with plenty of little treats.
Just need to cook up the sausage rolls and little sausages, and then pile it into the car ready for later. Wish me luck! Tonight hubbie and I will look forward to collapsing on the sofa when the boys go to bed. But I love birthdays they are so exciting!!!

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  1. Great post with our Granddaugher who is now 3 and a half. Her third birthday was so far the best. Hopefully like our Grace it is going to get bet better and better.

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