Twenty Questions with the Eldest

My friend over at Ju’s musings on life has tagged me to take part in the week 3 link up at Typecast for the CLIC Sargent Do Something Yummy awareness raising campaign. For more information about CLIC Sargent, click here.

I have picked the creative post, as I liked reading the interview responses of my friend’s eight-year-old son.

My eldest is four and this is how he responded:

1. What is something mummy always says to you?

“Good boy” โ€“ although to be fair his first response was naughty boy but he swapped back promptly and unprompted on his own to good boy, phew I felt guilty for a minute!

2. What makes mummy happy?

“When I listen”

3. What makes mummy sad?

“When I don’t listen”

4. How does your mummy make you laugh?

“When mummy says underpants”

5. What was your mummy like as a child?


6. How old is your mummy?

“You tell me”

7. How tall is your mummy?


Fab answer!

8. What is her favourite thing to do?

“Playing and colouring”


9. What does your mummy do when you’re not around?

“Play with my brother”

10. If your mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?

“On telly for colouring in”

(Not sure why he thinks I am a) a huge fan of colouring in and b) in a position to become famous, I warn you I am no artist, he just means scribbling with him in a colouring book! He must like my line work!!!)

11. What is your mummy really good at?

“Playing playdoh and board games”

12. What is your mummy not very good at?

“Guitars, because you never do one”

13. What does your mummy do for her job?

“Charity shop doing jobs”

14. What is your mummy’s favourite food?


15. What makes you proud of your mummy?

“Because she is silly”

16. If your mummy were a cartoon character, which one would she be?

“Peaches” from Mario

I can think of worse characters but I promise you I don’t run around in a pink dress waiting to be rescued!

17. What do you and your mummy do together?

“Go to the park”

18. How are you and your mummy the same?

“We both like cake”

19. How are you and your mummy different?

“Not same size, hands, feet and brain”

20. How do you know your mummy loves you?

“Cuddle and Kiss me”

Awww, bless him!

I am tagging Really Rachel to do the same!

12 thoughts on “Twenty Questions with the Eldest

  1. Thanks for agreeing to be "tagged" and linking up.

    Love the "medium tall" and "not the same size, hands, feet and brain" answers. ย Insightful stuff ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I will have to do the same with youngest when he is a little bigger or maybe try him sooner to see what he comes up with ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. Oooh I love this; I'm going to C&P it, can't wait to do this with my grandchild, they'reย  not yet born (a few more days) so I'll have a long wait and probably not remember by the time they get to an age when I can ask

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