Tying myself in knots

I have enough trouble tying my own shoe laces, so will be interested to see how I cope as a volunteer for our new scouts group with all the intricate knot work involved. I am excited nonetheless and our new leader seems quite the dedicated sort.
My son has asked when the camping will start he has so far attended two short sessions and is already planning his life in the wilds… I think he is just hopeful of some marshmallow toasting. I know I am!
Have any of you lovely people set up scout groups? Any tips you would like to share would be gladly received? Our leader is very resourceful and already tracking down grant opportunities in our local community but if you know of anything national we could try that would be great.
I am still a bit dubious of the true intentions of the mostly lady run volunteer group, everyone is hopeful of a sniff of Bear Grylls, who is the Chief Scout of the UK Scout Association. I am not quite buying all the talk of helping develop our children and let them embrace new activities, I saw their eyes glinting when he came on the welcome video…

3 thoughts on “Tying myself in knots

  1. Wow your get the hang of it in no time I'm sure and I have to say I can see why you volunteered your scout leader is a bit of eye candy lol

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