Tyrrells Crisps Review

At the food exhibition there was a Tyrrells stand and the kind representative gave me three BIG packets (Veg Crisps, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar and Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper) to take home and savour. I promised to give them a little mention on here…

Eldest loved all three flavours; youngest did not appreciate the Veg Crisps as highly, he did sample a few but turned his nose up and returned to the Sweet Chilli crisps.

Eldest did have a moment of alarm eating the Veg Crisps as he had a sandwich too and the beetroot had stained it a little and he was panicking his mouth was bleeding… nothing like a bit of drama during a tasting session (I wonder if Masterchef judges ever have moments of raw terror!) Once I explained to him he calmed down and resumed his contented munching of crisps… I quite liked them as a change from normal crisps. Nice to have a spot of variety in you’re snacking choices.

The Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper was also not too hot, so we could all manage it, even me the spice lightweight! I have always been a fan of the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar crisps; they really are quite delicious, maybe too delicious as I could manage a whole pack on my own!

Great rustic crisps, fantastic flavours, you really cannot go wrong with them. Raise your party host stakes bringing out these, much better than offering your guests those dreadful mini party mix selections you got as a child… YACK. Although hubbie is now reminiscing back to his party mix days! Shakes head in disgust…

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  1. I do love the veg crisps and Mum was very happy with the big bag of sweet chilli ones, plus some salt and pepper ones. Tyrrells Crisps are very tasty

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