Why I love my Mum

My mum has always made sacrifices for me, like being extra careful with money to afford to send me to college. I lived in digs and each weekend my mum (and dad) would drive and get me and bring me back so I could socialize with my friends and keep my weekend job. There must have been times when she was tired and could have done without doing the drive but she never said.

My mum has always supported and encouraged me academically. If I needed further help and she was unable to do it herself she would go out of her way to find someone who could. My mum helps me achieve my potential by not letting me give in too easily. When I find things hard she is there to offer a guiding hand but not an easy way out. Thanks to my mum I never came straight home from Camp America or gave up on my week’s work experience in the army – even after being given worm stew to eat!!!

This post is for you Mum and I LOVE YOU!

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