Albelli Canvas Print Review

I have always longed for a canvas to display proudly on my wall. I have just been put off by the price. Having seen the quality and what a difference this landscape canvas has made to our living room (it has definitely upped the style stakes in there). I think it is a relatively small price to pay for how much joy it is already giving us. So nice to have a lovely picture to remember special memories fondly, when the boys were a little bit younger. It is also another bonus having something big enough to cover plenty of crayon/grubby hand marks, perfect! Instant DIY.

The only thing is now I am tempted to purchase a couple more. They really do stand out and I think they are priced exceptionally well for the size of the canvas print (70 x 50cm) at £60.90 including delivery.

One problem with ordering involved having to use Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer, luckily hubbie is quite savvy like that, and I just get slightly perplexed by it all! So if you are having problems ordering pictures do not give up just try using Firefox. Other than that the process was quick and easy, you get to position the picture and change it to black and white or sepia (yes I had to google that, it says warm and antique like!) if you prefer.

Deadline for ordering Mother’s Day Gifts is the 11th March so if you’re quick you could enjoy something unique too. You can even have a piece of your own child’s artwork turned into a canvas, what an inspired gift. Keep an eye on the promotions tab to see what offers are available, currently you can get free postage on orders over £50 with the code ABUKSPPP.

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