Blue MAM Sports Cup Review

We were sent one of these lovely cups for my friend’s 15-month-old son to give a whirl. MAM have also kindly sent me a heap of soothers ready for the baby shower I am hosting in April.

Reassuringly the cup is BPA free, there has been a lot of bad press lately about BPA products, and so as a parent it is encouraging not to find any of that nastiness in this cup. Better for the little ones health without chemicals leaking in contaminating their drinks.

This product is spill proof again very handy with chaotic little ones, who love nothing better than making more disarray. I think my friend is happy she has one less thing to worry about, after all he is a messy enough eater bless him!

My friend said he took better to this cup than ones he has had in the past. I think the fetching design with a groovy monster probably helped seal the deal, as its quite eye catching. He also found it easy to hold.

This Sports Cup starts from 12 months so an ideal cup to move onto so they feel more independent without the resultant spills if you move onto a standard cup too soon. The lid on top keeps the spout nice and clean, so perfect to shove in a changing bag when out and about. You know the Sports Cup will come out hygienic even if you pull it out with half a banana squished on the outside and a broken bits of rice cake on it etc… you get the picture! For £5.99 I think it is a useful purchase.

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