Dino Bite Review

Dino Bite is a very exciting game. I have a cracking picture of me mouth open wide in shock when the dinosaur tried to raaahhh me away from saving dinosaur egg duty! I jumped a mile! But as it was far from flattering, I won’t inflict it on my followers. I do want to keep you reading my blog after all.

My boys really enjoyed playing it. This is again one game I have seen advertised on television but never taken the plunge to purchase. Am so glad we had the opportunity to review it, as it is most certainly another hit by Drumond Park. It is for ages 4+ but youngest who is just 3 handled it fine. They are just probably being careful because of the small parts (the dino eggs), so as long as you’re keeping an eye on your children you should be okay. They also had no trouble handling the tweezers to rescue the eggs.

Dino Bite is a quick and easy game to set up; clear instructions and simple game play mean you can get started straight away. If it had taken a long time youngest would have been up to his usual tricks pinching parts of the game and hiding them around the house! So from a mummy perspective this game was great for me, the only time my blood pressure raised was at saving egg time, but otherwise I was nice and calm. How family game time should be. We definitely do not want a degree in Astrophysics just to know how to get started!

We all enjoyed a game that got the adrenaline pumping! We would do our best to save the eggs from the naughty T-Rex before he chomped them up, you have to do it carefully otherwise he makes a big noise and lunges for you. It is all very dramatic and we loved it every second. We all recommend this game wholeheartedly!

With an RRP of £19.99 Dino Bite is an affordable game. But I have found it on Amazon for an even more pleasing £15.00 not sure how long it will be available at that price mind! So snap it up and experience Dino snapping of your own!

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