The Dinosaur Train Review

My boys were sent a review DVD of this great new children’s show which recently arrived on Nick JR. When it comes to kids shows hubbie and I usually feign mild interest and watch the boys bubble with excitement, but we both thought it was terrific. I have found a reason to keep Sky now. This programme kept the boys sat still next to each other for the entire 22 minutes, not a peep or a sound, just absolute focus, they could have been Jedi warriors in training (or possibly slightly worn out after their epic mothers day baking session with daddy!). I was so impressed, I did not even get up to my usual tricks and get some photographic proof, I just enjoyed watching it with them.

The Dinosaur Train is a Jim Henson Company animation, which speaks volumes; you know your going to get something pretty special from the company behind The Muppets. The animation is pretty spectacular and a very welcome change to either Mickey Mouse for youngest or Ben 10 for the eldest.

The characters are also very likeable, Buddy the lead is a curious, funny and intelligent T-Rex living in a family of Pteranodons, but you also get the opportunity to meet lots of other dinosaurs too. I also like the underlying theme that whatever we look like you can be readily accepted, as when Buddy pops out of the egg, they embrace him as part of their family, despite him looking completely different. It is a good message for our children that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and should be loved regardless.

Aimed at children 3-6 it really does engage them, plenty to learn and question as Buddy goes off looking for answers. The programme has been tailor made by paleontologists, science educators and early childhood education experts, yet your children will be having so much fun, I do not think they will realise just how much they are learning.

We will definitely be adding The Dinosaur Train to our Sky+, as the boys (okay and me!) would be sad if we missed an episode. We are looking forward to our next dinosaur adventure.

Head over to the Nick Jr. website and find out more or tune in tomorrow at 4pm

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