The Dog Detectives book Review

We were sent Lost in London, which is part of the fantastic The Dog Detectives series, by Fin and Zoa. The authors actually went on real journeys with their two dogs, Jack and Poco Loco, which inspired these stories. I think this is probably why they are so exciting as they are based on real doggy adventures.

Illustrations are exceptionally well done and they compliment the story perfectly. This book is fascinating if you have been to London already or are planning on going as it features lots of interesting attractions to point out (like the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and the Tower of London)

The book engaged my eldest looking for the missing ravens. Really got him thinking trying to solve the mystery alongside the likely dog duo. Given how popular this book was with eldest I think that the other books in the series look appealing. I might have to get eldest some more for his birthday, especially “The Great Grizzly North”.

Perfect size for bedtime, not an epic tome and not too short either, I read one the other day and it went on and on, come 7pm I am almost ready for my chilling time! I do not begrudge them a bedtime story I actually love that special time but I do what it to come to an end before my own bedtime!

Currently available to buy from Amazon for a very reasonable £4.43

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  1. Dogs on bikes in London, fantastic. I love how the Legend of the Tower of London Ravens is interwoven into the story. The riddles are fun and the illustrations are bright and lighthearted. I agree, a great book if you are going for a visit in London. Also a nice keepsake for the tourist.

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