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At Easter children have a tendency to be stuffed to breaking point with a variety of chocolate eggs and treats, so it is nice to be introduced to some new toys as a refreshing way to celebrate instead. Better for my boys’ teeth and my expanding waistline, as I can never stop helping them out… I am charitable like that!

We received the Smubbles by Character to review, having seen this on the television the boys were excited to try it out for themselves. My boys have always loved bubbles, but with the addition of a fruity scent it made them even more appealing. Simple to use and shoots the bubbles out in a big impressive burst. Does need regular re-topping of bubble mix, but my two loved that, not sure if my carpet was as keen, it was sopping afterwards. But this toy is perfect to get outside with and enjoy the improving spring weather.

When they had enough of bubbles they just let the air come out and played hair stylists, with their new mini hairdryer! So versatile appeal for my two creative geniuses and budding hairdressers, not bad for an RRP of £9.99.

Easter would not be complete without a bunny though so why not get this for your children, the Ravensburger Rabbit Parade 200 piece jigsaw.

It is children aged 8+ but my eldest enjoyed sitting down and trying to help daddy complete it. Hubbie said it was quite tricky so least you know your giving your family a challenge. The image is so cute too, how can anyone resist a cuddly bunny. You can purchase it from Amazon for £7.99. So another affordable present, which will last much longer than chocolate ever will!

We were also sent a Pig from the Angry Birds (RRP £4.99), I did not realise what the fuss is all about but eldest has taken it off to bed quite happily and when I gave him his bedtime kiss he told me he is planning to take the Angry Bird on a tour of our house! So that shows me. The toy does make a noise and I know my son has played the game at his friend’s house and absolutely loves that, so I should imagine it would be popular amongst most of this age group. If you purchased the bird variety you could have your own modern day Easter chick.

(Anyone new to my blog my son does not normally have a tattooed head, this is in celebration for St David’s Day or Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant)

But the pièce de résistance is Milky the Bunny (RRP £49.99), the only way you can top that is to purchase a real bunny for Easter. Least this one your children can enjoy all the highlights of a bunny without the hutch cleaning and trying to catch the rabbit when its exercise sessions are over… our real rabbits used to send us on a merry little dance!

And to while away the time whilst you try and survive the shakes from your chocolate withdrawal symptoms, you can distract yourself with the fantastic Mould & Paint Glitter Eggs (RRP £6.98) from Bright Spark Toys. This would keep your children occupied for ages.

Easter without chocolate = no messy fingerprints everywhere you know it’s the right choice, don’t fight it lol.

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