Eggs Book Review

We were sent this lovely little book by b small publishing, which has an RRP of £3.99 and comes with an egg stencil incorporated into the front cover and stickers for decorating inside the book. So you really get plenty for the price of one chocolate egg! Even as a renowned chocoholic I know I would prefer a book that would last and last as opposed to a chocolate egg I would devour in one sitting!

This is the perfect treat for your children so you can enjoy some egg crafting and cooking activities in the run up to Easter. Today the boys attempted the Waxy eggs.

You draw on the egg with a white wax crayon, and then you fill a cup with water, a teaspoon of vinegar (we didn’t have any and substituted for wine… but as you will find out that still seemed to work!!!) and some drops of food colouring.

My boys idea of some was more like half the bottle of blue food colouring but I love seeing them get crafting, so despite my hands being very smurf like right now, I enjoyed watching them getting involved and being excited creating something. Then you add the egg to the cup and leave as long as you desire depending on how dark you want your egg. Our boys managed to wait a few minutes (bribed with their pudding!) before removing them.

I love the end result, the white wax crayon remains and you can see their delicate artwork!

Eldest drew one of his friends.

Youngest did some artistic scribbles.

What I like best about this book is it gives you the ideas to try something different with your children. There are plenty of other great suggestions (making greeting cards, chocolate eggs and a hen mobile to name a few) and am sure we will be returning to this book again and again over the next few weeks.

You can see more about b small publishing and purchase the book from Amazon for only £3.69!

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