Elmo’s Dinosaurs DVD Review and Competition

My two absolutely loved this new DVD; they are huge Dinosaur fans anyway, so with this we had lots of laughter, pretending to be dinosaurs (Youngest being a long neck and Eldest a spiky one – their words!) and a fair bit of dancing.

I liked it as it was very educational, you see a museum with dinosaur bones, new terms are introduced like Paleontologist and Extinct, and lots of facts are given, like what they looked like and what they ate.

The entire 45 minutes running time they were mesmerised and in-between the dancing and being dinosaurs they sat contently next to their buddy giant Elmo. I loved Sesame Street growing up and definitely think my boys should watch more of it!!!

Elmo is making a big come back, so I would recommend this DVD for any little one (it is certified a U). For an RRP of £5.99 it is a bargain and even more so with the fantastic extra: Journey to Ernie –Big Bird needs help to find Ernie in this bonus feature. But from Amazon you can preorder it for £4.99… yes I know a shockingly good price! Elmo’s Dinosaurs will be released on the 19th of March.

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I have kindly been given 5 copies to giveaway; this competition will close on the 1st of April. If you would like to enter leave a nice comment.

For an extra entry follow Abbey Media on facebook and let me know you have done this with an additional comment

175 thoughts on “Elmo’s Dinosaurs DVD Review and Competition

  1. Lovely pic of the kids with the Giant Elmo! Please enter me into the draw, my 1.5yr Daughter is obsessed with Elmo and Cookie monster at the moment and would love this.

  2. I have 3 boys aged 5 and under. Ted and Bertie (the eldest 2) love Elmo (I'm even having to create an Elmo Easter Bonnet for Bertie!). This would be a perfect treat for them and a great way to say a little thank you for how good they've been, whilst I've been in hospital.

  3. Please may I enter my 2 little girls love to watch Elmo and I am sure I would enjoy it too 🙂

    I also Follow Abbey Media on Facebook

  4. Well my little Noah is "melmo" mad, he even calls for him in the mornings from his cot. So I would love love love to win him a copy! Xx

  5. rawrrrrrr my little boy loves dinosaurs he would be over the moon with this thank you for a lovely giveaway x

  6. wow loving your blogs 🙂 very interesting, like wise also missing sleep a lot, with my 17 month old, im sure it gets better, he hasn't watched any of elmo as yet, but im sure he'd love it…keep up the good work 🙂

  7. What a lovely prize, i used to love Elmo when i was little so would love to show my daughter why i loved it so much 🙂

  8. I luved sesame street when i was little and its so nice to still get chance to see it as my little boy love elmo

    Already following your fab blog with blogger

  9. My two year old adores Elmo and is always singing Elmo's song. He would love this DVD. Thanks for the prize.

  10. My daughter said, when she saw this, please mommy get me to watch it. I told her it would be lovely to win it, but she seems to think the post man will bring it her today. She is 5 and her bed ted is her Elmo ted

  11. MY son loves Dinosaurs and then an Elmo fan he'll think all his christmas's have come together he he gets his hands on one of these.

  12. I went to follow you on FB and realised "duh! I already am lol" hope I still get the extra entry. A for effort lol

  13. My daughter loves Elmo, not sure if it's because of his vibrant red colour or his squeeky high pitched voice but it's a winner in my book 🙂

  14. I have only just come across this website and i think it is brilliant, I have 2 young sons and am a disabled person so cant get out to meet people so it is really nice to connect with other mums. I will definetly come back again. Thank you

  15. Excellent prize!! Both of my little people would love this! Have to say I love the giant elmo in your picture! I wish i had one of those!!!

  16. My grandson is fixated with elmo it really makes him laughat 14 months old and it makes me chuckle too

  17. Daisy aged 1 loves Elmo too! He's on the front of her nappies so whenever we need a nappy change we always say 'lets got and find Elmo'…she doesn't have a lot of words yet but she does say 'Aaalllmo' and point to Elmo 🙂

  18. My two have only recently discovered Sesame Street and they are fascinated by the muppets!  Add in the dinosaurs and I think they'd love it.

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