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We were sent the Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips; I had a quick flick through before deciding to give it a try with the boys. It is quite dark in places, the monster is going around gobbling up children left right and centre, and then old gran comes to the rescue with some nifty work with an axe and all the children are saved. The children then enjoy a pot of beastie stew for dinner, my stomach turned at the idea of chomping on that, but youngest loved every second of the story, he was making monster faces, listening intently… until he was tucked in bed, at which point he decided he did not like monsters anymore, we then had to lock the book in the car! But since then he has asked for the book constantly. So it is back in circulation and very much loved.

Youngest and his monster impression!

So would I recommend this book, yes I would. It might be a bit darker than normal but eldest seemed okay with it; he went to bed as normal and slept fine. So perhaps more suited for those closer to four or those three year olds with a strong constitution. I like the humour in the book like how chopping wood helps old gran relax, bless her, what happened to the likes of knitting and Bingo.

Also it might teach my boys to be more cautious of strangers, and not believe everything they have to say, the Beastie lured the children out looking all sad saying he only wanted to play before turning mean! Pleasingly at the end of the book the children all look happy and unaffected by their ordeals. Just content with his or her stew dinner, so the nice ending means most children should love it. I for one think Giles is a very talented writer, in a saturated market its fun as a parent to read something a bit different!

You can purchase it from Amazon for £4.49 and it has lots of great reviews on there

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  1. Great book, children at school have not stopped talking about it after a visit from Giles. It's good to have a darker story with a happy ending. The book is in rhyme, a sure winner with children.

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