Grandpa comes to stay

We have been sent a Grandpa from John Crane to take on adventures with us.

Well I spoke with Grandpa and he has come up with his bucket list… I did tell him it was slightly premature but he was insistent! In his youth he never quite had the opportunity to do everything he wanted, he was too busy raising 10 children with Grandma.

So here we go:

Crowd Surf

Go skydiving

Meet Barbara Windsor

Walk on fire

Learn to fly a plane

Start a blog (possibly about Barbara Windsor)

I had to break the news to him slowly I was sorry but if he was lucky he might get to meet Peppa Pig and possibly visit Legoland. His face looked quite deflated, so I poured him a large brandy and tucked him in with a blanket in front of the fire.

He seems to have got over the shock and is ready to embrace whatever we throw at him! I even caught him watching an episode of Peppa Pig in preparation…

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