HarperCollins Children’s Books Review

We were sent a great selection of books to review from Harper Collins, I am always hugely excited for my boys to have new material for bedtime and even during the day to calm them down. A good book really is a good friend. I love reading, so hope to instil that same love in my children.

We received two Hello Kitty books, which I gave away on my Missing Sleep facebook page, its nice to share a little love and my boys are a bit adverse to all things pink… or even worse they start requesting a sister… so HarperCollins, thanks for that! My boys now want more siblings… and not just one sister the last request was 10…

The Astonishing Secret of AWESOME MAN (RRP £6.99) by Michael Chabon was one I really enjoyed. Mainly because it has some great practical tips you can use in toddler taming… at one point the superhero gets angry and feels like kicking out and hitting things, but instead he sits on his bed and hugs himself… youngest has been applying this technique quite successfully this week! It is an entertaining tale with a little twist, which the boys very much loved.

Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers (RRP £7.99), is a sweet tale about a boy and his Penguin friend. Eldest particularly enjoyed this tale of the importance of friendship; your friends will be there for you when you really need them. The illustrations are quite charming and the book even comes with a CD so you can listen to the story. I tried this out on Eldest but I think his preference is to have the pictures instead. But I think its still very handy having the CD’s if your children were unwell and tucked in bed, they could listen to them, or on a long car journey a few story CD’s would also go down well.

The Lorax by Dr Seuss (RRP £7.99), is a bit on the large side for my two’s bedtime, so I think this one is great for a daytime read. It is though a very educational book, which touches on the effects of pollution and extreme deforestation. The ending held some hope, which is always a good idea in a children’s book! I liked that it got the boys to really think about the impact of what we do on the environment and how things can be improved. This too came with a CD.

My Henry by Judith Kerr (RRP £6.99), another pink book on the front cover but I encouraged my boys to give it a chance (plus I really do not want those 10 girl babies!) as I thought it looked interesting. Well we were not disappointed, boys and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit I did have a stray tear, as it is a touching story. It is a tale about an old lady whose husband has died, but she goes on adventures with him and remembers fondly how live used to be. I think it is a good way to introduce children to lose and reminds us we never forgot our loved ones that we hold dear forever. The illustrations are colourful and portray lots of interesting characters and creatures, which appealed to my boys; we had dinosaurs, mermaids and a monkey eating a lollipop!

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  1. We adore the Lorax in our house 🙂 The silly names and rhymes are fab while bringing a serious message about looking after our environment 🙂

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