Horrid Henry DVD Review and Competition

We were sent a copy of Horrid Henry The Purple Hand Gang Rules Ok! DVD to review. Eldest found it very appealing with talk of messy bedrooms and exploding crisp packets. They are very real characters, but still find the time to be nice and helpful to mum, in the first episode Harry imagines getting a scooter so he can help his mum with her shopping.


I like it that they are wearing helmets when using scooters, makes them more readily accepted by my boys. As I know some mums who have trouble getting their children to wear helmets.


Packaging Design © 2012 Novel Entertainment Ltd and Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. TM & © Novel Entertainment Limited 2012.

Based on the books by Francesca Simon. Illustrated by Tony Ross and published by Orion Children’s Books.


We took the DVD on our trip to Nanny’s house. Youngest watched it and then wondered about, playing with the dogs and nosing about, so it did not hold his attention very long. Although he did enjoy dancing to the theme tune. But I do think its best pitched for children 4+. Eldest said it was “great” and happily watched all six episodes in one sitting.



You can purchase a copy for £4.99 of this Horrid Henry release from Amazon. So a great treat for the mischievous imps in your family.


I have been given 5 copies to giveaway if you would like a chance to win one then please fill in the rafflecopter below. The competition will close on the 11th of April.

135 thoughts on “Horrid Henry DVD Review and Competition

  1. My daughter loves the care bears and we watch that together so i have had to dig my old cheer bear out and she loves it.

  2. My little girl loves her care bear DVD! Watches it in the car on long journeys to keep her entertained! x

  3. all my 3 are horrid henry fans come 4pm  our house stops being chaotic for 30mins  as they watch it on citv, house is full of  noooooooooo & laughter 🙂

  4. I can't find the question (!) but am guessing from the answers that it might be what our little ones' favourite DVD is.  My little one can't get enough of the Toy Story films.  We are also avid Horrid Henry fans and record them all to watch 

  5. my little boy LOVES horrid henry.
    Everything he does is something to do with henry. his little brothers nickname is piggy and he even calls him perfect piggy now lol 🙂

  6. Super Ted haha reminds me of my youth!
    my little girl loves Horrid Henry she often acts like him too 🙂

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