How children think

I overheard my boys asking each other questions the other day; it really made me laugh out loud, I decided to take part too as it was too great an opportunity to miss when they were being reflective.
Here are some of the highlights:
Why do tigers growl?
[Youngest] because they have a face
Why do hens go cluck cluck?
[Youngest] Because they poo eggs!
What came first chicken or egg?
[Youngest] the egg, mummy one can fly it on their wing, for a little bit, then went on a van then went on a rocket for a little bit loads and went weeee!
Well who else is as pleased as me we have finally solved that long-standing debate!
Why do octopus have eight arms?
[Youngest] Because they swim in the water – “wrong” said eldest “because that’s how they have been born!”
Why does it get dark at night?
[Eldest] because it’s 7 o clock
Why do people have blood?
[Both] Because they have boobs
Hmmm not sure they quite get the working of the human body yet! But they already have a fascination with boobs!
[My question] Why do people get married?
[Eldest] Because they have to have children
[Youngest] Because they are old

Well I do hope all my followers are feeling suitably educated after this post!

4 thoughts on “How children think

  1. this has really made me chuckle this morning!  My daughter (6) was asked what Mummy does for work – "Washing & Ironing", I do actually have to come to the office 4 days a week too!!!!!

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