Imaginext Batmobile Review

We were sent a fantastic Imaginext Batmobile, which could not have been more perfect for our family as we already have the very popular Batcave in residence. Father Christmas gave it to eldest as one of his presents but must not have been familiar with extra’s available to buy (actually I would put my money on him being clueless!). The motorised Batmobile is a lovely addition. The Batcave now has a new lease of life with a fancy vehicle to park outside.

Any Batman fan will love these sets, but even if you have yet to be immersed in all things bat then they should enjoy them anyway. The features really set them apart from other play sets. When you turn the key the Batmobile zooms off up to 24 feet, with lights flashing, you can knock down the accompanying three barrels, shouting “Ka-boom”, “FWAP” and “Clank” (note: shouting is optional but does add to the fun!).

Later on the Batcave had been overrun with wild animals, so Batman had to drive to the rescue. The boy’s imaginations were supercharged with the new toy. After the wild animals were under control, Batman parked his Batmobile, put on his onesie and enjoyed a much-deserved cup of tea. Crime fighting is jolly hard work!

The Batmobile is for ages 3-8 and has an RRP of £21.99.

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