Keep off the Grass

Last night I was out with the girls for a meal, the topics of conversation veered randomly all over the place. Then out of the blue one of them decided to mention her lady garden and how she keeps it trim. We all looked a little surprised (I don’t think any of us had drunk enough!) but it ended up being quite an informative and interesting discussion!
Disasters with wax strips, blood blisters, expensive epilators, laser treatment, you name it we covered it. I feel sorry for any poor soul who overheard any of our conversation but thankfully it was a very quiet night in the pub. Fortunately my friend also waited till after dinner to broach the subject…
After all the pain, discomfort and embarrassment mentioned I decided I was in favour of a sign saying, “Keep off the Grass”. But I would always choose to be low maintenance; I have never been a girly girl. The idea of being primped to an inch of my life turns my stomach. “I am what I am”… bursts into song!

All in all a very good night out with the girls, a much needed mid week tonic! Shame the youngest was back to nipping bug nightmare routine last night, I am exhausted… but thankfully I came home to find hubbie had made chocolate chip muffins. There is always a silver lining.

2 thoughts on “Keep off the Grass

  1. Wow a bit personal! I don't think I'll open up about this even to my sister in law, who I treat like a real sis lol. Did you watch a documentary about embracing nature and this woman was on a quest to get people liking body hair? Society fail to make people like themselves for who they are!

    I wish my hubby will bake lol lucky you!

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