Little People® Wheelies™ Stand ‘n Play™ Rampway Review

We were sent this lovely toy to review from Fisher Price. Youngest was ever so excited when he saw the box. He has played with it every day since; he loves zooming cars (or the odd wooden block or anything else to hand) down the ramps.

It is for age 1 and a half to 5, so I can imagine if you bought it at the bottom age range you would have so much use out of this toy, making it a very worthwhile purchase. One of the biggest highlights is its strength, youngest has sat on it and it survived. Toddlers are renowned for their super human strength and being on the rough side so this toy will definitely withstand whatever they throw at it!

At over two feet tall you also get a fair bit of toy for your money, including a lift and the necessary button to have sound effects (what toy wouldn’t be complete without one of them, this one is neither too loud or annoying you will be pleased to hear!). As it is a big toy there is room for my two to play together comfortably with limited arguments, the only argument mainly being who would be the red and who would be the black car! I like the little petrol pump and the glugging noise it makes when you fill your cars up!

Hubbie managed to build the toy really easily, the instructions were simple and self-explanatory, taking about 10 minutes in total. This is fantastic as children are not renowned for their patience waiting for toys to be ready! If they are kept for too long, they then run off with the parts and cause other general mischief!

You can purchase this toy from Amazon for £41.97

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