Lost in New York

Here is my entry for the Flythomascook Competition.

We left our placements as Camp Counsellors and embarked on our journey homeward. Pleased we had survived a few months away from home we were glad to be on the final chapter. We arrived in New York, and then tried the Youth hostel, in our infinite wisdom we had not thought to reserve it first, so had nowhere to stay, as it was fully booked. So we decided to find somewhere else to stay. This is when it gets a bit sketchy we set off walking…

But we might as well have had a placard that read “MUG ME”, my Camp America “friend”; I use the word loosely as she was not an ideal travelling buddy. Was dragging a giant suitcase along accepting help from any and every random stranger… one even charged her for the privilege of carrying it about five yards.

I just shook my head wondering how I had managed to get Lost in New York with a clueless tourist, in a shady part of town! The weight of my backpack was nearly crippling me but at least I was self sufficient and mobile on my own. We were then deposited outside a B&B, which looked like a place of no return, and my “friend” started dragging her suitcase over the threshold… a few dollars lighter but at least otherwise okay.

I decided enough was enough after all I valued my life… I would not enter a grotty establishment recommended by someone who charges an outrageous price for unwanted luggage delivery… even though my “friend” seemed quite content too… perhaps she had an affinity with cockroaches!

We managed finally to locate a bus stop; refusing help from more strangers stopping in cars… got to the airport and slept the night there. Being lost is never pleasant but one definitely not recommended with someone more naive than ones self!

A sat nav might have been a welcome addition, on foot with a fancy bit of kit; I might have found my way to the bus stop much quicker, without all the fuss and possibly with fonder memories of my time roaming the streets of New York.

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