Macadamia Luxury Travel Kit Review

I was sent the Luxury Travel Kit to review, I was surprised by how much they had managed to cram into the small yet extremely stylish travel case:

60ml Rejuvenating Shampoo

60ml Moisturising Rinse

60ml Leave-In Cream

30ml Healing Oil

30ml Deep Repair Masque

Oil Infused comb

The packaging and enclosed leaflet looked luxurious, I liked the design of the bottles. So I was quite pleased to find the product lived up to promising start. The products smelt lovely especially the Leave-In Cream (that was like a nutty bubble gum smell!), not overpowering. I made hubbie take a long whiff of my hair and he gave a nod of approval!

I usually brush out my knots in a frantic rush to make the school run in time, losing huge chunks of hair in the process. But with the combination of the moisturising rinse and the oil infused detangling comb getting my hair looking its best was thankfully pain free.

I am usually sporting distressed Amazonian Warrior (mid battle) hair, long and unruly, more than a little wild! Now it feels slick, soft and tamed. Another step closer to achieving yummy mummyhood sophistication! I must admit I have done a lot of hair swishing today. You would think I was trying to audition for a hair product advert. The luxury experience has gone to my head, I will be pouting like a supermodel next…

These products are also perfect for colour treated hair, the healing oil in particular extends the life of colour treatments. Without colour fading as fast you can save money by increasing the time between visits to the hairdressers, which in turn means more money for cake, everyone is a winner!

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  1. The bottles look really nice and travel products are a good way to try before you buy a bigger bottle.

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