Magma VIP Launch at Paultons Park

Today I went to my very first official event since starting blogging almost four months ago. I was a press guest at the VIP launch of Magma at Paultons Park. The ride officially opens on the 31st of March, so you only have to wait a short week before you can experience it for yourself! Until then you can read more here to whet your appetite.

I must admit I was feeling slightly weak in the knees at the thought of going on Magma, labelled as the hot new ride for 2012. It looked very high and I do not have the best head for heights anymore (okay I am just a huge wimp!). But I could not let my followers down, how could I possibly comment on the ride without experiencing it first hand. Hubbie watched from the sidelines chomping cake with the boys, whilst I trembled like a jelly approaching the ride. Given that the ride is for those aged 5+ (Minimum height 1.1m) I did feel a little lame for being such a scaredy cat! Especially watching other children walking over filled with confidence!!!

The volcano inspired cakes!

I am so glad that I went on the ride, the views of the park are fantastic. It was a real adrenaline pumping experience, that really got my heart racing! I think possibly I should have saved cake eating till after the ride as my stomach plummeted… I was expecting some actual fire effects but there was plenty of smoke, but to be honest fire would be wasted anyway as your too focused on admiring the view or clinging on to the contents of your stomach as it leaps about.

Some impressive dinosaur hedges near Magma, to the hedge trimmer/designer at Paultons Park I salute you!

Would I recommend this ride? hell yes!!! If the children had not been begging to see Peppa Pig World I am sure I would have spent longer at the ride. There is so much to see at Paultons Park by the time we had returned to Magma the park was closing. We all have had an absolutely amazing day out. Some little touches at Paultons really impressed me, like toilets having built in toilet seats for toddlers, each bathroom having a toddler height sink so they could reach to wash their own hands. I know some people will just rave about the big bits, the flash new rides but I really did like the little touches they have obviously put so much thought into! Well done Paultons Park!

About the event generally…

I loved having my own lanyard to wear as did hubbie and the boys. But I do wish I had not been quite so clueless. A lovely organiser type from the event asked where are you from? I answer Wales… then realise he meant my blog name… later the same kind man who youngest insisted on calling “boy”, much to his amusement, offered to help hubbie download a Paultons Park App on our iphone. Slight stumbling block, neither of us own a smartphone. We have yet to join the 21st century, hubbie felt slightly embarrassed brandishing a mobile phone from the dark ages.

Note to self: save up for a iphone and purchase a fancy notepad to look the part!

7 thoughts on “Magma VIP Launch at Paultons Park

  1. Much to look forward to our Easter holiday! I don't think you should feel bad for not owning a smartphone. I know plenty who doesnt have a use for it. But if u happen to upgrade soon there are plenty to choose from that comes with contracts thats why most people are using them now. To be honest if it was me there today it'll end up the same as both me and hubby are using Samsung Galaxy S2 šŸ˜› x

  2. Absolutely love Paultons – I have 3 older girls and they love these bigger rides – but like you I am a scaredy cat too – just about managed the balloon ride in Peppa Pig world myself!

  3. Great review! I was wondering if you could tell me about what the ride cycle includes in the way of drops and falls and also what's actually inside the volcano as so far no photos or videos have been posted of the interior. I hope that you'd recommend Magma to others such as myself as I am visiting Paultons Park in May. If you would like to please send me a personal message to my Facebook account. My name is Laura Mitchell

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by and reading šŸ™‚ There was a dinosaur inside in the part you would normally queue, then when you get on the ride itself there was some smoke. the interior was okay (no flowing lava) but its the ride which is the exciting part!Ā  But yes I would definately recommend the ride, I probably was not at my most observant as I was slightly nervous, it did staggered drops and went around slowly so you could see the park from different sides, it did it a few times x

  5. maybe you could review an iphone!!!!Ā  It looks like you had great fun. A certain someone is being missed already šŸ™‚

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