Making Easter Nests at Nanny’s

Today the boys enjoyed making some Easter Nests, it was a fun and easy activity suggested by nanny. It was a perfect filler for a quieter day of our holidays and great to get us in the mood for Easter.
For this you need:
400g bar of Cadburys6 Shredded Wheat BiscuitsA Packet of Cadburys Mini Eggs
(Made 10 nests)
Such a simple recipe but I assure you the end result was very tasty, the hardest part was trying to stop Grandad from eating the chocolate and mini eggs…
First using brute force bash the shredded wheat biscuits to oblivion (ideally inside a sandwich bag to minimise mess!)

Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water
Add the bashed up Shredded Wheat
Stir until covered in chocolate

Then fill a cake case with a nest shape of the chocolaty mix

Add some chocolate eggs (the more the merrier!)

Then leave to chill in the fridge for an hour

Hey presto you have an almost life like nest! Your very lucky I managed to get a photograph as they were chomped up pretty quickly, the boys did great! We normally only ever make Rice Krispies variants of this, but Shredded Wheat is our new definite favourite!

9 thoughts on “Making Easter Nests at Nanny’s

  1. I love these pictures! Does the fact that shredded wheat involves more "bashing" than rice crispies have anything to do with it being the new favourite by any chance? 🙂 Back in October, World Vision asked bloggers like yourself to carve a heart in a pumpkin – do you think you and the boys might want to take part in the next craft project we do?

  2. These are my favourite treats to make at easter – they can taste so scrummy with the right chocolate and your recipes perfect! I also like to make some with cornflakes to mix it up! haha

  3. Looks like it was lots of fun making these, I shall have a go making these with my twin boys for Easter thanks x

  4. What a great idea to let the children crush the cereal in bags – much more fun than doing it in a big pot, as we usually do – thank you… nearly time to start making these again for Easter '14!!
    Emma 😉

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