Making Glove Puppets

We were sent some rubber gloves and some craft supplies (pom poms, googly eyes and thread) from Dettol to illustrate the fact you do not need rubber gloves with their new Power and Pure cleaning range (thanks to Mumsnet for letting me also review these fantastic new products!).


I do not know why I have not made glove puppet monsters before, as it’s so simple and keeps children occupied for ages. Supply copious amounts of glue, glitter and anything else they can stick on to create their own character. Let their imaginations run wild.


Youngest found the left over supplies from his Cubby Kit quite helpful to complete his monsters new look!



Deep in concentration, serious business this crafting lark!


The end result, waiting to dry after serious glue work

Youngest loves his two new friends! Although they have left a glittery trail all around the house… but that’s a small price to pay for this happy cheeky face!


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