Marshmallow Cross Bow Review

Intruders beware ownage by marshmallows (take down your big dog lives here signs!).

Such a fantastic toy but I have to admit to jumping at the force of the marshmallows shooting out and hitting their target. But I am a bit of a wimp, am hoping my karate lessons will make me more hardcore.

The Cross Bow fires marshmallows up to 30 feet, so quite impressive to watch. The box gives guidelines not to shoot at the mouth, eyes or face, which I am totally agree with as I was shot in the back by hubbie and I knew about it! So to get him back I shot him in his bottom… that will teach him lol.

You are also recommended not to eat the marshmallows after firing, with targets like hubbies bottom there is no danger of me wanting to, but I guess its because they could get dirty depending where they land. You can re-use them as ammo though, so not an entire waste. If it was chocolate bars I could not eat after firing I think I would cry!!!

The Crossbow was easy to build, load and shot, the perfect toy for any child 6+ or as punishment for hubbie if he is not doing his chores quick enough for my liking! I felt a little like Willy Wonka having a go, as it is very original and quirky toy. And If you casually walk up to your archenemy munching on a bag of marshmallows the last thing they will expect is for you to load and fire! I really love the idea.

You can buy one of these yourself from Firebox for £18.39 as its currently 20% off so put an order in before the price goes up and you miss out!

One thought on “Marshmallow Cross Bow Review

  1. Euwww!! Hahahaha I'm not sure I'm ready to have marshmallows sticking all over the place in my house, but that's my favourite marshmallow (not many supermarket stocks them anymore?!), if I get this crossbow it will most likely fire blanks ;p

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