My Garden Day & Night Jigsaw Review

We were sent this fantastic jigsaw, which is part of the My World range from Gibsons. It comprises of two separate jigsaw sections one depicting a day time scene and the other a night time scene, each are 45 pieces so a challenge for children without being too hard. Easy to distinguish the two sections of the jigsaw by the colour of the backs of the pieces, one set is light blue the other is dark blue.

With an RRP of £9.99 your children get plenty of entertainment for an affordable price, after completing both sections of the jigsaw you can read the interesting facts and learn more about the creatures. For example Bats can eat as many as 3,000 insects a night. Eldest said with that little tummy that’s silly but he was pretty impressed. There is also guidance on the back of how to get the most out of the puzzle, like counting different things and starting a discussion with your child on why sleep is important. I like that discussion seeing as it was almost bedtime and I wanted him to get plenty of zzzzzzz.

My son was quite capable at building the jigsaws himself. He is five in a few months, so the age range of 4-7 is pitched correctly. The stand up pieces are a nice novelty and make it more interesting than a standard jigsaw. I shall definitely be buying the My World My Body Jigsaw Puzzle for him, to further develop his knowledge.

This jigsaw has not only been approved by my eldest but by a child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer. I must admit I do like the slot in the top of the box to encourage children to tidy away so she might be on to something there. My boys are sadly lacking the tidying up gene, so any help with that is very gratefully received.

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