The Never Ending Plait

No it’s not a new take on the film Never Ending Story this is an opportunity for any mummy of girls to learn some fabulous hair tips. My friend is somewhat of a hair goddess; she is also the one who brought you Fighting Nits the Glam Girl Way.
My friend must have magic hands or something because as you will see she works wonders on her girls’ hair and they look beautiful. She has kindly shared how to do it with me so you can recreate it at home in an easy (well she manages to make it look easy in her pictures) step by step guide

For this style hair does need to be shoulder length and you need to brush out all knots in preparation for the hair styling handiwork.
Take a piece of hair from the middle and tie with an elastic band (hair bobbles make the hair stick up too much). This part does not have to be neat as you will not be able to see it. Brush again to make sure theres no knots.

Start by doing an ordinary braid. Each time the strand crosses down toward the shoulders take a small piece from the front and add to the braid.

Each time you take a strand up take from by the neckContinue this all around the head making sure you only take small stands

Keep going

And going
And going
Nearly there

When you come to the end tie tight using an elastic band
Take the plait and gently push through the pieces that have been pulled down
“Perfect, hate seeing them poor kids after swimming with soaking wet backs good luck and dont worry it will take a few goes”

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