Peanut & Pip Competition

The lovely lady behind the Peanut & Pip online store has kindly offered a gorgeous Skip Hop Hug & Hide Activity Bear as a prize. Normally this handsome fella would set you back £16.95. So this is a competition not to be missed and one that will make a child somewhere very happy indeed! I am just sulking, as I want one for myself!



Peanut & Pip are a lovely site for some unique and special presents for any occasion. My boys’ godmummy has bought them gifts from here before and I must say they were over the moon with them. Just revisiting the site, I am sorely tempted by most of the products.


My favourite would be the djeco products such as the Collages for little ones craft kit to help my boys get creative, I am sure it was a set similar to that we were sent from my friend and the boys relished the activity and their masterpieces were displayed proudly on the wall of my eldest, until he went through his I do not like posters/pictures on my wall when I am sleeping stage, bless him! It kept them occupied for ages and everything was included in lovely little envelopes, so a nice novelty for them.


This competition will close on the 14th of April, so to enter please fill in the rafflecopter below.

156 thoughts on “Peanut & Pip Competition

  1. I would have to choose the Wishing Tree Centre Piece and some of the wishing tree red birds and purple butterflies. It would be something I could see us all using time and time again. A  lovely website with some lovely unique ideas. 

  2. So many lovely things on there! I love bunnies so adore the Bentley the Bunny bookends. Might need to save up my pennies! x

  3. So much to choose from ! What a lovely site ! I really like the wall stickers they have they're beautiful but I think my favorite is the Ebulobo Pull Along Squirrel, its adorable ! xxx 

  4. I love the Daddy and Baby Bear set!  That would be just lovely to give to my son and his daughter in a year or two, she is a little young to appreciate it just now.

  5. My favourite is the Red Enzo Motorbike.  I think it could be as popular with  us parents as with our children.  Great design and looks very tactile.  

  6. I love the Hug and Hide activity monkey, reminds me of my little one 🙂
    Thankyou for the chance to win!

  7. love all things skip hop, but also coveting the Ingela Arrhenius melamine plates & REALLY need an excuse to buy a Wild Things dress…

  8. I think the Fairy Tooth Fairy Pal is fab! What a brill idea….in fact I will deffo be ordering one for my little girl  🙂

  9. Kite & Clouds Blue Corduroy Dress – this is sooo cute.  My little girl would look adorable in this!

  10. All most interesting but think the backpack is a favourite but like the ladybird dress as well.  Decisions, decisions

  11. All the hug and hide toys are gorgeous but I also particularly like the
    Daddy & Baby Bear Set @piperanddaisy

  12. My little nephew will love this. He'll still probably try and feed it to his giant inflatable dinosaur at some point though.

  13. I LOVE the WIld Things dresses – I have bought a few things from the website in the past and they have such GORGEOUS products, it's not easy to choose just one favourite thing!

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