Cadbury Philadelphia Cheesecake

We were sent a pot of the new variety to sample. I decided now I am trying harder to embrace cooking and be a domesticated goddess, I would put it to good use and make a cheesecake. Honestly my mum must be reading my posts wondering what has come over me, Mrs Won’t Cook is suddenly feeling inspired!!! Well with ingredients like these its hard not to want to make something lovely.

I bought a packet of hob nobs and the boys took turns bashing them into crumbs waving about a rolling pin dangerously!

Then we mixed that in with a good chunk of melted butter until they all stuck nicely together, this mixture was then chucked into a baking tin with a removal bottom and placed into the fridge.

I then whisked up a tub of crème fraiche with the entire contents of the Philadelphia tub with Cadburys, then placed this on top of the biscuit base and back into the fridge. I had looked at a recipe in the morning but had forgot the finer details when I made it this afternoon, so I do not think I gave it long enough to refrigerate, but the end result was quite pretty, very delicious just possibly not set long enough!

I know people are having mixed feelings about the combination but having given it a whirl I can say the Missing Sleep family all loved it, the boys even wanted to lick every last bit out of the empty tub! So don’t delay go and brave it yourself you will not regret it. If it can get me in the kitchen there must be something magical about it…

15 thoughts on “Cadbury Philadelphia Cheesecake

  1. That sounds yummy! Cheesecake looks fab! will sooo have to get some cadburys philadelphia tomorrow…mmmmm! 🙂 x

  2. great first attempt and loving the Hob Nob combination….yes I think it could have done with longer to set but who cares, all goes down the same way & sometimes you just can't wait!

  3. I thought this combination was a joke when I first heard about it! However, I now realize it's not and you've encouraged me to give it a try!

  4. Mmmmm so are you buying that house across the road from me we could both get fat on each others baking great cheesecake and post x

  5. i dont fancy trying it at all, i went into asda yesterday and saw an empty shelf where this was supposed to be so i guess plenty like it urgh!

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