Pink Chillies Review

We were sent a Scrummy Etana Chocolate to test here, like everything on the Pink Chillies website it’s all about elephants. They even give 10% of their profits to charity to help support endangered elephants. When I was growing up my favourite soft toys were all elephants, a little family of them headed by the dad Jumbo, so stumbling upon a whole website of elephant themed products is very exciting and perfect for me.

The Scrummy Etana Chocolate costs £2.50, at this price it would make a nice extra treat for Mother’s Day as they have a lovely little box and the chocolate looks very pretty with a sprinkling of edible glitter. It does seem a shame to eat it though, as it is so charming to look at.

Taste wise my boys were more than happy to share, it is labelled as finest Belgium chocolate but I found it more like advent calendar chocolate, that’s not to say it wasn’t tasty just not quite what I expected. The boys had no complaints; it is not a big bit of chocolate but enough for us all to have a nibble.

Do not be fooled by the name Pink Chillies this chocolate contains no chilli surprises to make your eyes water! Phew, although one day I hope to brave Chilli chocolate to see if I can handle it.

I learnt this interesting fact on my visit to their, elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating… somehow I think I have missed my calling in life I so should have been born an elephant!

On the website there is plenty of other lovely gifts too, I quite fancy the tote bags and the plush toys available from April look great, am sure Jumbo would have been slightly overwhelmed if I had introduced him to one of them.

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