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I have accepted a challenge by two lovely bloggers, the good life mum and Margot and Barbara to see who can have the most luck with a selection of seeds. Both are lovely blogs, I have been following the good life mum for awhile now drooling over her cooking, baking and even her soap making, I have come close to selling my house and moving onto her street to have play dates in style!!! Margot and Barbara has masses of clever photographs and covers lots of topics that I can relate too.

Given my lack of gardening tools and the state of my garden, I am putting my bets on my friend Helen owning me. I think her sunflowers will triumph! But I hope ours arrive soon or I think she is having an unfair advantage… haha. Just kidding I am working on my excuses already for the big epic fail when we grow the smallest sunflower on the face of the planet.

I know for a fact we do not own a watering can, a trowel or a spade but the children all own plastic variations of these (that they use on the beach) so hoping they will rise to the occasion and help me in the task. The boys are very determined so am sure they will give it a good try! Either way it will be nice spending some more time in the garden. Having to take more pictures of it will be the kick up the backside hubbie needs to take all the rubbish to the skip!

So the salvage operation begins if all else fails we shall be gardening with random household items (a spoon and a jug what more could you possibly need!), so with myself going to such lengths of preparation who do you think will win?

Come on now surely the radical gardener has to succeed on occasion, you’re right it is most unlikely. Bet my friend already has some supercharged plant feeding plan up her sleeves… right I am off to the local farm to pick up some horse poop!

I wonder if I send both bloggers an envelope filled with locusts and write to be opened in the garden (cue evil laughter…) that should get rid of my competition!!! Am I a wicked mastermind in the making? Only kidding, rest assured I shall compete in the competition with utmost respect and nobility.

Starts googling local stockist of locusts…

Plant pots at dawn… let the battle of the seeds commence

4 thoughts on “Resourceful Gardener

  1. You know i have a recipe for locusts dont you. I bet you win i didnt even think of plant food or horse poop i was just going to stick them in the ground and see what happened, but now im going to jump in the car and head to the garden centre and see what i can buy to boost our flowers. Bring it on missingsleep team !!!

  2. Hehe – I will be wary of parcels in the post from now on! This is going to be fun…once i get some compost.

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