Schleich World of Nature Collection Review

We were sent a selection of the Farm Life products and a trailer. My son is playing so animatedly I have managed to sneak off and start writing the review. I can hear him chattering away contently, it is so lovely to hear him so happy and entertained.

“Were going on a journey,” he keeps singing as he stuffs the trailer full of all the animals we were sent to review (two horses, a llama and a dog) and a selection of play food (a carrot, an ice cream cone and a pear!). I am not sure how many animal transportation regulations he is breaking, as they are well and truly crammed in there, but he is having the time of his life!

The figures are very realistic and good quality, my son can be fairly heavy handed and they have not lost a leg or anything yet, which is a sure sign these are sturdy products. These products are aimed for children 3-7 and they really do spark their imaginations. After arriving at their destination he has been feeding them more play food, I am slightly concerned the foal has a liking for breaded chicken! Perhaps I need to teach the fundamentals of farm animals and what they actually eat, but without these toys I would not have realised the gap in his learning… bless him! They are happy farm animals though; they even got to have ice cream.

They are pricier than buying a mixed bag of farm animals from a cheap shop, but you can distinguish the difference in quality and detailing, they really are beautiful to see. My son is definitely more enthusiastic with these than the cheaper models he has had in the past, not sure if that is just a coincidence but I actually think he just has a taste for the finer things in life already!!!

Youngest has asked for more for Christmas, I think we will be expanding for much time to come. I am sorely tempted to order him the 4 x 4 to pull his trailer, because as sweet as it is to see him dragging it around, he would be like a proper farmer then, we even have the cap already!

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