Sparkle’s Song Review

The story written by Samantha Hale is about a little girl, Sparkle, who is sent to live with her Aunt after her parents die.  The little girl is lonely and her Aunt seems cross and grumpy wanting to live in her quiet house in silence.  But later on we find out she is just learning to cope with losing her sister and does find her love for music and happiness again.
Eldest loved this book, I think in part just because the little girl sleeps with a rabbit toy at night and he is a huge fan of all things bunny related!  But both boys seemed to enjoy the story, even though they surprised me and did not ask deep probing questions about death after we finished the story.
Here they are fussing over the toys she sleeps with.  You can tell how much the boys love bedtime soft toys!  That held their attention more than the talking bird!!!
I am quite emotional but did not cry (makes a welcome change!) so most children should enjoy this story and be able to handle the touching tale.  I guess it can be helpful to have books that touch on coping with grief available for children.  The subject is glossed over, so not as frightening as it could be thinking about the bigger issues.   It is done in a delicate way and the magic of the musical instruments and a talking little yellow bird intrigues and amuses.
You can also buy it from Maverick online shop for £6.99, which is slightly more than I would normally spend, but the book does look lovely, all glitter embossed on the front with good quality paper inside.  So you get what you pay for and some extra!  So I would make an exception for books like this.

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