Thomas the Tank Magazine and Book Review

Both boys were understandably excited to see me open the package to review from Egmont. When the magazines tumbled out that was it they were completely silent, absorbed in finding what treasures came with them. The bounty was great; the Thomas Express magazine came with crayons, mini binoculars, stickers and a magic slate. I was shocked they could include so much and still only charge £3.99, especially as the magazine provides so much entertainment on its own. The Thomas & Friends magazine came with a little farm set, comprising of a tractor, two happy pigs and a friendly dog, this magazine is only £3.50. Also a very good price, considering what you get.

The boys happily passed a considerable time, exploring the contents of the magazines, playing with everything included and just being nice to each other. I do not know if that was the influence of the magazines, but they definitely seemed to possess magical powers… okay I know it was just the fact they were cheerfully occupied. Busy at work. I love the fact that completing the activities is there “work”, I am just waiting for when they ask me to pay them as well!

We generally do not buy magazines here; I am not quite sure why, we have plenty of reading and activity books, but I think this might now change. Having seen how busy my two were completing the puzzles in the magazines, how educational they can be and also how sanity saving for me they are! I will find it hard to walk past the magazine rack in my local supermarket without piling these two into my trolley. I would rather they have these magazines as a treat, than keep thinking the word treat only applies to anything sugar or chocolate coated!

The lovely selection of Thomas story books (priced at £2.99 each) have been delighting the boys at bedtime, as a parent it is a nice story to read, bite sized, so if your children insist on another book you know you can appear generous and read two of these pleasant stories in one sitting. My youngest has Thomas pyjamas, train set, toys and board game… so it is only fitting we should have the books too. I think most families still have huge Thomas fans among them so indulge your children with one of these or ideally buy the entire collectable series, then when your children grow older, keep them in the loft and watch them grow in value (disclaimer: this part might not happen but I can pretty much guarantee your children will enjoy them!).

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