Traditional Canvas Wigwam Play Tent Review

We were offered a £50 voucher to pick something to review from the fabulous online shop not on the high; it was so hard picking something with a seemingly endless choice of lovely and original products. After much ummmming and aaahhhing the boys decided to review the Traditional Canvas Wigwam Play Tent. They were happy for me to pay the extra £19, they are after all generous with my money! I wonder what they will be like as teenagers…

The whole ordering process was easy and stress free, the site is very simple to navigate and the product information clear. All that was left was for us to wait in a stage of constant excitement for the arrival of the Wigwam. Luckily for us delivery was very prompt, so the boys did not badger me to death!

The Wigwam was relatively easy to set up, I watched and nodded appreciatively and let hubbie get on with it. The only thing you might find is you need a fair amount of room to assemble the poles, but luckily eldest has the biggest bedroom in the house, so hubbie managed to do it without smashing a window or knocking over any ornaments.

The end result is great, the Wigwam seems quite sturdy and more roomy than I thought it would be looking at the size of the box it arrived in. The boys got inside just before bedtime and enjoyed a midnight snack (at the exceptionally late hour of 7pm), eldest asked to sleep in it, but did go to bed reluctantly. Although I am sure I will probably find him tucked in it by morning.

This toy is perfect for imaginative play, games of hide and seek or just hiding away to calm down (either me or the kids!). I would pay £69 for this as it is a great quality toy that should entertain them for a very long time. I have a feeling our house is going to get even more popular for playdates now… Oh dear!!!

I think once you have been introduced to not on the high you will find it hard to leave again. They have put so much thought and attention into what products appear on their site. I am sure we will be back again soon.

3 thoughts on “Traditional Canvas Wigwam Play Tent Review

  1. Looks good quality and something that might be kept up as it'd be a real pain to take it down put it up…

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