Baby Shower Games

We played four games during the baby shower, each were relatively simple to explain and get started and a good way to relax everyone and have a little fun in the process! Plus a few boxes of Matchsticks as prizes meant everyone was competing to win with chocolate at stake!!! The perfect motivator…

Safety pin game

Every guest got two safety pins on arrival and an explanation that if they mentioned the word baby they would lose a safety pin to whomever clocked them saying it! The winner is the person with the most at the end of the shower. This idea was given to me by Baby Budgeting and went down a treat!

Naming baby items

You need some paper and a pen for each guest and an egg timer to do the countdown. I set it for two minutes, long enough for everyone to have a good think but not to long to start having looks of bored desperation… the winner managed 26 items, I thought I did well with my 16 till I heard her total! But she had the current youngest baby of the group at 8 months old, so was still in the baby zone! It’s amazing how quickly you forget some of the early stuff now mine are 3 and almost 5.

Mummy to be Questions

You need paper and pens again and every guest writes down a question a new mummy might need help with, like how often do you bath a baby? Then you fold up your question so the person next to you cannot see what you wrote; they then write an answer for a baby related question. This can have hilarious results and went down well in the group. Every six months was the answer to that particular question, poor smelly baby am sure they would like to be bathed more often!

Guess the Size of Mummy’s Tummy

I had a ball of string and a scissors and the idea was to guess how big everyone thought my friends tummy was by cutting the string to the size of her bump… some of the guesses were positively outrageous, poor girl probably had a complex! Here she is getting ready to pick a winner.

Her own mother thought she was HUGE; mind my length of string was only marginally shorter! The lady who won the chocolates used the most scientific method she actually measured her own tummy and added a bit on! The technique was successful, so if you want to win that’s how you should go about it…

I had a great suggestion from Mummy Vs Work blog but did not have the stomach for it, but if you have a strong constitution you can also melt chocolates and then smear then onto nappies (yikes!) and then play guess the chocolate type. Having done more than my fair share of nappies in my time, I could not face stick my face in one, even with the lure of chocolate. But it might work well for some people.

Just strictly down to budget to get the vests and the decorating materials I did not do a game suggested by Snugglebubby, but this would be great idea if you want an epic baby shower. Each guest has a vest and uses fabric pens etc to make the vest unique and wonderful for the mum to be. They then pick their favourite and that guest would win a prize.

lifeloveandlivingwithboys also suggested having the quickest nappy change competition, armed with a baby doll and some newborn nappies that too would have been fun. You could even wear a cowboy hat if your the fastest nappy changer in the West!

Hope that gives you all some ideas! Feel free to comment with more and if you have one on the horizon, let me know how it goes 🙂 x

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  1. Sounds like it went well! Well done on the Baby Shower 🙂 In the Emma Forbes book she gets them to drink non-alcholic drinks out of baby bottles adapted to add straws 🙂

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