The Baby Shower

I had given out the invites, they were lovely ones supplied from Party Packs. But I almost left it too late to invite the pregnant mummy to be! Oh dear, but luckily my mum reminded me in time and I made sure she would be there. So much for being a competent organiser, not the best baby shower if my friend was missing! You can follow Party Packs on facebook


Hubbie was on baking duty and he excelled as always. The cupcakes looked nicer with a fetching blue flag in each, they only cost £2.34 for a pack of 24 and you can then recycle them and use them to decorate sandcastles as we plan on doing.



I would definitely recommend Party Packs for tableware and those little extras that make all the difference. We looked very civilised with matching plates and blue napkins but am afraid I ditched the coordinating cups in favour of baby bottles… yes I managed to buy a load of very cheap baby bottles, which we supped our wine from (well Shloer for my friend!). It definitely got us into the baby shower spirit of things! This is thanks to Emmy’s mummy for giving me the clever idea.



I had a few lovely presents kindly donated by some companies for the mum to be, which I had wrapped by an amazing florist friend of mine. It looked beautiful all together and I think my friend was touched by the gesture. Well she did look quite tearful bless!



Thanks to:


Mama Tea


Sent a box of raspberry leaf tea – perfect after 38 weeks to get the uterus more efficient for during labour, contractions are supposedly more effective. I drank it with my youngest and his birth was decidedly easier than the birth of my first. What better present for a baby shower than something to hopefully ease what can be a trying time!!! I am quite impressed they also have tea for new mums too, which helps with milk production if you’re breast-feeding! How very clever.


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Sent a pack of newborn nappies and some of their own cotton wool. I did not know they did their own brand of cotton wool, but it’s perfect as during the first month your not meant to use wipes on a baby’s sensitive skin. I have had a few problems in the past with my own two with cheaper nappy brands not being up to the job, leaking and so fourth so am pleased my friend has a decent pack of nappies to get her started in her introduction to the world of baby poo and wee (how smug am I now my two are toilet trained!).

Got to love the attention to detail on the nappies with the section taken out for the umbilical cord to heal easier, getting air. I so could have used that as eldest’s bless him took ages to heal.

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Sent plenty of dummies for a baby aged 0-2 months, perfect if mummy needs some peace and quiet! I must admit I always was a fan of dummies if it meant mine went off to sleep quicker. These were all orthodontic as well, extra small and lightweight perfect for a new previous bundle. MAMUK have some fantastic soothers too for when the teeth start to come. Always a tricky time, flushed red cheeks, lots of dribbling, anxious looking parents… invest in an armoury of them ready!


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Boo Boo

My friend was most excited by these products, but she is quite a girly girl and loves beauty products. She was in her element smelling the products, the Soft and Creamy Body Smoother £14.99, Bosom Buddy £18.99 and Kind and Calming Massage Oil £9.99 (on special offer currently). Boo Boo you have really spoilt her!


We all had to pass them round and have a whiff; they were lovely, nice and rich but not greasy on the skin! Hopefully my friend will smell gorgeous and now not have a stretch mark in sight! Every mum to be deserves some pampering; it can be hard going the last few months of pregnancy! And the massage oil will really help settle bambino when they arrive. As I remember baby massage featuring regularly as part of our bedtime routine, to help ease them off to sleep!


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Brother Max


Sent one of their packs of 5 bath toys, you can read more about them when we reviewed them. These will be perfect for when the baby is a little older as toys are a great distraction especially for those children that are adverse to water! Something to take their mind of it whilst you pour the jug of water on them… Brother Max have plenty more products which would be perfect for baby showers and new baby gifts, like weaning sets and I think my new favourite the Bear Carry and Hang nightlight looks perfect for helping settle little ones to sleep, my boys do tend to find the dark slightly spooky at times.

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Sent five vests in a lovely string bag, their packaging was lovely. Seeing the tiny vests almost had me broody they are truly that adorable! My friend kept touching them, admiring the quality; I can imagine her baby son will be very comfortable in these when he arrives. I was expecting them to cost a lot more but I am pleasantly surprised you get the five vests for £15 including the jersey bag, so a fine present for any new mum! I have another friend due soon, I think I may well pay them a visit and order something now I know how agreeable their clothing is.


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Baby & More


Sent me a couple of blue Mum2Mum wonder bibs. These felt lovely, great quality. I have a feeling they would wash well as they are not made from cheap material. I think when my friend needs a bib these will be her favourite ones. Available in nine colours, you could practically match your bib to the colour of the food your baby is eating! But the fact that surprised me the most was that they could hold 1/4 cup liquid now that is impressive!!! They are priced at £4.50 but they are very big so you can keep your baby nice and clean and dry and continue to do so whilst they grow into a toddler and a young child, so worth the little extra investment.



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We played a selection of fun games, which I will discuss in more detail in my next post. It was a lovely time we all spent together and I was so nervous whether everyone would enjoy themselves, but I need not have worried the party lasted an hour longer than planned so it must have been half decent or everyone would have left early! I think wine, cakes, good presents, fantastic company and some silly games all helped make this baby shower a success! Thank you for the companies who contributed to it.

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the bottle idea – heard of tasting melted choc from nappies and guessing the flavour at a few showers but I must admit it really didnt appeal to me, ekkk. 

    Looks like you had a great day 🙂 And thank goodness you rememberes your friend in time

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