Cavalier Belgian Chocolate Review

We were sent a lovely little selection box of Cavalier Chocolate comprising of four different variants. Youngest pinched the box and then ran off to bed to keep it for himself!!!

When we managed to coax it off him we commenced testing!

The chocolate is branded as a healthy alternate as it does not have glucose, granulated sugar or fructose. The Barley Rice Crisp Milk and the Mango Raspberry White chocolate were both quite pleasant even without all those extra’s sugars my taste buds probably usually crave!!! The Raspberry with the white chocolate is a pleasing combination. The boys enjoyed these very much! They were disappointed the bars were so small because they could have happily eaten another chunk each.

The dark chocolate did not go down well with any of us, but I think that is down to personal taste, I do not like dark chocolate generally so do not think it’s a reflection on this healthier brand. If you like dark chocolate am sure you would most likely enjoy them. There was Blueberry and Flax Seeds Rice Crisp to pick from, which sound quite lovely! I just need them to have been milk chocolate. The dark chocolate taste hangs about in your mouth, the only time I like dark chocolate is if it’s combined with mint, then I can just about handle it.

I like that this chocolate is better for your teeth, on the website it says it has no harmful effects on them. Having a small phobia of dentists, perhaps I should stick to a Cavalier chocolate eating habit in future!

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