Drumond Park Dino Bite Competition

I have wait for it not one… but TWO Dino Bite games to giveaway to you lucky people! If you missed my review you can read it again here. But basically this is another great game by Drumond Park. If you fancy some fearsome, spine-tingling fun then this competition is not to be missed!

We had lots of fun playing as a family and it definitely kept us on our toes, waiting poised for the dino to strike… aged for those 4+ if you think your brave enough!!! This game is simple to play but hugely entertaining. Using the included tweezers help rescue the tiny and helpless blue, red, yellow and green baby dinosaurs who’ve been stolen from another dinosaur’s nest, and are now awaiting their fate…

For stockists visit www.drumondpark.com, the game has an RRP of £19.99.

You can also follow Drumond Park here www.facebook.com/drumondpark and also www.twitter.com/drumondpark

This competition will close on the 22nd of April, so please kindly fill in the rafflecopter below.

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167 thoughts on “Drumond Park Dino Bite Competition

  1. I would like to win a copy as my son is dinosaur mad and as a family we enjoy playing games. This would be something that we could all enjoy from age 2 up to ?????!  x

  2. Why would we NOT want to win a copy??? 😀 Spud is obsessed with Dinosaurs and this would be met with an extremely wide-eyed little boy should we win.  It would be a fabulous birthday present for him.

  3. My little girl loves dinos but thinks they r just for boys!!! If she was to win this think it would help me convince her they can be for girls too! 🙂  x

  4. My little girl, aged four, wants to be a dinosaur when she is older! All my four children have been obsessed with dinosaurs since we went to the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition last Easter!  They all agreed it look like one of the dinosaurs on my son's Top Trump cards!

  5. My two boys are dinosaur mad, plus it would be nice to sit and play this with them to get them away from computer games with fun family time.

  6. I would like to win as my two girls would love this game especially the younger one who loves all things dinosaur related.

  7. I would like to win a copy because I have got a birthday coming up and my husband lost his job a couple of weeks ago so I have no money to buy a present and this would be perfect for a dinosaur loving little boy!

  8. my kids love games for family night so a new one would be great to keep our family spending quality time together!

  9. I would love to win a copy for my nephews and nieces. They are in my house daily as I am lucky to have my sisters living next door to me, so this would really keep them entertained.

  10. Oh my goodness scary and fun at the same time lol that Dino looks like it has a snap on him

  11. i'd love to win as my 2 boys are now into "dinosaurs" big style, just done a trip to the library and have come back with 6 dinosaur books! They would love this, a great way for them to play together, with something they both like! 

  12. My son is going through a dino stage atm! And at Christmas I could not get this anywhere for him nor for his birthday in February! Such a sad lil boy he was/ 🙁 

  13. I'm sure it would keep my children entertained for a good while and would be a game that they would play with over and over. looks like fun 🙂

  14. I'd like to win because I'm trying to ween my family off the TV and computer games once in a while so that we can spend some good old-fashioned time together and if I had this to use as the proverbial 'carrot on a stick' then I might succeed!

  15. We would love to win….My girls spend too much time arguing and fighting..More board games would keep them amused…

  16. I have a dino obsessed little boy here with me and i believe this may be one of the few dono games we havent managed to get hold of yet.

  17. My kids love Dinosaurs and they love the Drummond Park games.  They have never found a bad game from them x 

  18. my son ould love this as hes dinosuar mad and whenever this game come on the television hes always asking for it for his birthday 🙂

  19. my 4 year old loves dinosaurs & even the OH says he would like to play this so this would be ideal to play as a family & drag OH off WOW!

  20. I love fun games that can involve the whole family and give us something to do together, this looks like it would be great fun for us all…and my son is a huge fan of dinosaurs so he would love it more than anyone! 😀

  21. My two nieces are coming to visit over the summer and this would be a great game for my daughter to play with them.

  22. would be great for my son who is 4 next month. He loves dinosaurs and has been asking for this game he says he can get all them baby dinosaurs and save them hes so funny because as he says it his face is so serious and then he nods and says I can mammy cant I x 

  23. A very exciting and educational play with my nephew who will turn 4 by June, i would love to introduce to him an extinct creature.

  24. why would i like to win a  copy!, looks a great game, we have lots of children, in this street, who love board games, and when we baby-sit, this would be a great addition, to keep everybody amused

  25. My little boy would love this! He is really into games at the moment, and we've played Guess Who to death recently!

  26. my grandchildren would love this we would use it as a treat when they had finished their homework -always a battle for them to do it

  27. My boys are both mad on dinosaurs,  mind you my little girl likes them too.  They are at the age 4 and 5 where they have just started playing board games together and I know the dino will make them jump which they will love.

  28. With this rubblish weather I need as many diversions as I can for my girls – this looks like it fits the bill! 🙂 @pipersky1

  29. I'd like to win because Piper is a big fan of dinosaurs – ever since she saw George from Peppa Pig with his dinosaur! 

  30. I would like to win a copy for my nephew who saw the game advertised on tv and said he would like it, plus he has taken a liking for dinosaurs after watching the new dinosaur train kids programme

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