Frankie and Benny’s Review

We were sent a generous £50 voucher to review Frankie and Benny’s. I had heard from other bloggers it has been a mixed experience for them, so was somewhat nervous when we selected to dine at the Birmingham International Airport restaurant. Even the regular announcements of departures did not ruin our cheerful outing, as you shall see.

The boys were at home with my parents so it was just the two of us. Not having to constantly coax someone else to eat and try and get them to remain seated meant I was probably in more of a generous mood to review. That and the fact I knew I was having a free dinner made me a happy camper indeed.

We were seated almost immediately on arrival, I had my seat held so I could sit down, which I thought was very courteous. It is nice to feel like a lady sometimes!!! The décor was warm Italian, retro rustic (that’s what I told hubbie and he said am I trying to be like the lady in Apprentice with her Shabby Chic lingo!). The restaurant was very clean and tidy, maybe because there were plenty of staff, but they all seemed busy in their work, wiping down tables etc. There was no restaurant toilet so I cannot comment on how hygienic it was, but the airport toilet was very conveniently located.

Our waiter smiled alot. We ordered the F&B New York Chicken (£14.45) and the Manhattan Burger (£12.55). We side stepped starters in favour of saving room for desserts! I am more a pudding girl than a soup or skins one.

Our drinks (a lemonade and a coke) were delivered promptly, just enough time for a little social chitchat; unfortunately we are past the looking lovingly into each other’s eyes stage! Meals were delivered in about a record-breaking 10-minute window! I thought they were big portions. Mine (New York Chicken) came with corn on the cob, onion rings, bowl of coleslaw and fries. The chicken was delicious, I could not fault the meat and I enjoyed the cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce combo. Hubbie’s Manhattan was pretty epic, with two impressive burgers, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon, he also had fries, BBQ sauce tub and onion rings. So again plenty of food to get through! Hubbie confirms burger was flavoursome and had a good texture.

Desserts were Vanilla Cheesecake (£5.05) for hubbie and Brownies and Ice Cream/Cream for me (£5.05). Hubbie asked for a scoop of ice cream in addition and the waiter was happy to be flexible and just confirmed whether he still wanted the sauce with it. Hubbie thought his dessert was absolutely gorgeous, he must have been impressed as he thought it was a better than the Brownie cheesecake I bought him from the English Cheesecake Company. The berry sauce complemented the baked cheesecake well.

My dessert was nice but slightly overwhelmed by cream! I suppose if you like cream then the more the merrier, but even with my sweet tooth, I think someone got a little trigger-happy on the squirty cream nozzle!

I also ordered a Margarita (£5.25) to feel rock and roll! It gave me a nice warm glow and ended the meal off nicely! Who needs coffee and mints? I was so full afterwards and needed to be rolled out of the restaurant!

All in all I would have been very happy, as would have hubbie, to have really paid for our meal. We felt it was good value for money, given the portion sizes. Staff were efficient, polite and friendly. I would definitely go back to Frankie and Benny’s soon!

5 thoughts on “Frankie and Benny’s Review

  1. love frankie and bennys its our favourite place to eat. the lunch menu has slightly less choice but you can have 3 courses for 8.95 🙂 never had a bad meal.

  2. I've always eaten well there and the staff in all the F&B's I've been to are attentive – maybe it's because the chain don't skimp on how many they employ. I think your pud had exactly the right amount of cream on – for me anyway 🙂

  3. I absolutely love Frankie and Benny's and my 14 year old recently chose it as her birthday meal location. It was fabulous and when the staff bought the lit up cake in birthday music was played and everyone sang to her!

  4. Your dessert looked like it suits better in a tall glass hehe! Very generous with the cream indeed! I read one of the reviews somewhere, gotta find an occasion to visit them for sure!

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