The Gadget Show Live 2012

Hubbie managed to win an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza and tickets to the Gadget Show, I must admit the thought of being dragged around the show did not appeal to me but the idea of a night in a lovely hotel really tipped the balance! Especially with the boys with my parents we only had to think about ourselves. Which was very indulgent, no having to break up fights; deal with a barrage of “are we there yet?” questions on the journey and having to keep coming up with creative pastimes to stop the constant “I’m bored!” mutterings… We could just be a couple, something that does not happen very often at all!

I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of companies exhibiting. But it’s surprising how quick you can get round it. Obviously you can spend much longer trying the latest computer games, having a go on the zip wire, watching a 3D cinema show and riding round on the latest scooters. So plenty to do, but I was just happy soaking up the latest technology from afar!

Hubbie was drawn into the big gaming area, he is gaming mad, so was in his element there! He also wanted a Parrot drone, as he liked seeing it flip over, but for £240 a pop I obviously was not so keen!!! Hubbie was disappointed that Nintendo or Vodafone did not have stands. Largely because we have a wii and ds and some show prices for anything related to them would have been lovely and Vodafone seems to give the best coverage in our area.

We invested in a Gadget Show guide for £5 as I asked the lady selling them would it tell us where everyone is exhibiting (to thank Denon UK). About two seconds later I found a huge board with all the stand locations on… oh well! Least the guidewas signed and had a free stick on screen cleaner!

We also popped in to see our new best friends, Denon UK (who kindly provided our prize!) and thanked them for their generosity. Hubbie thought they had some great technology on display, he was brainwashed by it all…

Until I tried to drag him round the Leap Frog stand; they had some great show prices on some of their products but he had our cash cards, boo hiss! But I did get to try out the tag learning to read system. I was impressed and think that might be one of eldest’s birthday presents sorted.

I came away wanting a Vango Airbeam Tent, a hot tub and this dishy fellow (maybe I did not mind being dragged round after all as I quite enjoyed myself!):

Would we go again next year? Possibly but it certainly helped that the whole experience was free! Not sure I could hack being there from 9am-6pm either, the few hours we spent were very much enjoyed, but then my aching feet demanded a rest! Mind you massages were available at the event! Plan for next year… have massage and then attempt to stay for longer!

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