Give up Clothes for Good!

No the above is not a pledge to go naked but about high time I did something charitable on my blog aside from bringing you guys’ lots of competitions. I am going to donate an item of clothing to support Cancer Research, as prompted by tots100. The item is a brand new (with tags) silk Warehouse dress with a fetching yellow belt. It was part of a win back in our comping glory days! I do like it but it has been hanging in there for so long unworn and unloved really.

Hopefully it will bring a couple of quid to a great cause and finally get the airing it deserves. My blogging friend over at This is Life is kindly letting me send her the dress and will take it in for me, as I have no TK Maxx in the immediate vicinity. She is good like that; make sure you check out her blog, if you love food, you will love her blog!

You can read more about the fantastic give up clothes for good campaign and then I hope feel motivated to have a quick dive into your wardrobes and find something for a very deserving charity. Cancer is heartbreaking at any age but more poignant for children. So lets all try and make a difference, help raising more funds to help beat kids’ cancer by heading to TK Maxx before the 30th of April.

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