Good Natured Ban-tastic Bananas Review

We were provided with a recipe suggestion to try out with our banana’s called Banoffee Pie Pots, which we made last night. But trust me to make them more sinful by making sure I had cream for the recipe not Greek yoghurt!

It was a quick and easy recipe to follow which the boys had a lot of fun helping to make. For this recipe you will need:

You will need 120g of digestive biscuits

1 x 397g can of caramel condensed milk

2 medium Good Natured Ban-Tastic Bananas

400g Greek Yoghurt (which we naughtily substituted for double cream)

20g dark chocolate grated

1. Then place the digestive biscuits in a plastic bag and enjoy some therapeutic bashing, divide into four glasses

2. Spoon over the caramel and add the sliced banana on top

3. Spoon over the Cream (we whipped it up first) and sprinkle with grated chocolate

4. Then sit back and enjoy!

Eldest said, “My mouth had fireworks!” but don’t just take our word for it head to Asda and get your own Good Natured Ban-Tastic Bananas and favour this dessert yourself!

I have never usually taken much attention to the banana brand I normally purchase but now I have read that these lovelies are grown only using natural predators to control pests and disease, I can be reassured this is a better banana for my boys with none of that nasty pesticide residue hanging about!

Available from Asda with an RRP of £1.37 for five bananas they are the perfect affordable healthy snack for children and grown up’s alike. Great for helping meet some of your iron and fibre needs and only 95 calories a pop!

Why stop at just their bananas go completely pesticide free! This will be perfect for us (well until our vegetables we are growing hopefully take off anyway!)

9 thoughts on “Good Natured Ban-tastic Bananas Review

  1. Sinful desert yummy nice to know about the bananas and that they wernt a silly price either

  2. This sounds delicious and easy to make – we always have double cream in the fridge. I will try them next time my grown up kids are round for a meal.

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