The great sunflower competition is a go!

The Easter holidays are here; I am fatigued after our epic holiday last week. We managed to fit in Paultons Park, Legoland and Longleat and family visiting!

It did not help that youngest did not sleep as well on holiday, staying in a teenagers room, every night he would look at all the posters on the walls of One Direction and say who is that daddy? Who is that uncle? Then he decided that there was an invisible ant infestation and would only sleep lying across me with no part of him touching the bed!!! Luckily now we are home he has settled back to a slightly better routine.

So my batteries were well and truly depleted to go straight into the Easter holidays and trying to come up with activities to keep the boys occupied (and catch up on the mountain of post holiday washing!) is somewhat of a challenge!

I thought I was quite clever and had stocked up on a great selection of cheap glitter glues, paint sticks and feathers from Tesco… well they managed to use practically all of the supplies in one sitting!!! Glitter was squeezed out of each tube into giant whirly piles on the paper…

Back to the drawing board I thought I better make head way on planting our sunflowers. So I gave the boys a tub each, some compost and a little sunflower seed.

The pots are now in our house and hopefully something will happen over the next few weeks so I can get some photographic proof! Ideally I should have planted all the seeds to up our potential success rate, but after using the three tubs that exhausted our supplies…

We have bought a watering can to assist us in our efforts too! And two shiny silver gardening tools, there names fail me… one is pointy the other not so much! Anyway am sure they will help us in our endeavours, so watch out Margot and Barbara and The Good Life Mum.

One thought on “The great sunflower competition is a go!

  1. ho ho lady the gauntlet has been thrown by your boys i see, ps some more seeds from lovely margot and barbara are on the way to  you which she got from the eden project, how posh.  now your gona have to buy more garden things lol 

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