Hacky Sack Review

We were sent two Wham-O Hacky Sacks to review, one striker and one freestyle. My hubbie remembers fondly playing with Hacky Sacks when he was a child. So I thought it would be fun to introduce our boys to them. Although I do not think they quite got the idea behind them. They just enjoyed playing with the fun hand stitched foot bag, using them as improvised earmuffs and playing catch. They are lovely and soft so a nice safe toy to play inside.

For older children than my own I think these would be exceptionally popular because you can do a wide range of tricks with them, kicking, balancing, passing and shooting. We all tried to kick the Hacky Sack without it hitting the ground; each of us managed a spectacular one kick each!!! I do not think we will be giving Beckham or any other footballer a run for their money…

I know no one wants to start thinking about Christmas already!!! But these would make enjoyable Christmas stocking fillers. With a recommended retail price of £3.99, Hacky Sack Striker is a definitely an affordable entertaining addition. We just need to get practising our skills, if I start the boys this young hopefully by the time they hit their teens they will be pro. If not at the very least nothing will get broken using one of these. I would rather they use a Hacky Sack to refine their skills and stop using a hard football in the house!

I am quite pleased that playing Hacky Sack for an hour burns around 240 calories; I wonder if that counts even when you keep missing, I guess all the bending to retrieve the footbag is still exercise lol! So pass me a Mars bar, I have earnt it!

You can read more about Hacky Sack here http://www.wham-o.com/brands/Hacky_Sack.html

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